It comes as no surprise to most people that libraries are all about readers, and most especially young readers. What might surprise you is just how much Virginia Public Library gives back to these young readers!

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Many community members could tell you that the Virginia Public Library does a Summer Reading Program each year. What they might not know is just how many events the library offers all year long! In summer alone the Virginia Public Library offered over 80 individual events and challenges. Throughout the year VPL also offers storytimes (both in the library, and at local Headstart and Preschool classrooms), afterschool programs, Legacy events, scavenger hunts and other various challenges. This all adds up to a lot of events – in fact, last year we had a grand total of 246 children’s and teen events! This means, on any given week, there are at least 3 events per week!

With that many programs, you are likely thinking we spend a lot of money on our Children’s programming – and you are right. But did you know that all Children’s and Teen events are solely supported by the Friends of the Virginia Public Library? Without FOL support we would not have our big summer events, fall and spring storytimes, or many of the toys and games we have available year round in the Children’s Room.

You may be wondering, with all our programs and the generous support of the Friends, how many people in our community participate in our Children’s events? The answer for last year was 8,667 people! This means that more than 90% of our program attendance was for Children’s and Teen programs!

Hopefully, the only question you have left is how you can support Children’s and Teen programming at the library. If you are a child, have children, or are in the area and interested, we encourage you to attend one or more of our Children’s events! If you are an adult and want to help, we encourage you to visit our fall and spring Friends of the Virginia Public Library Book Sales – all proceeds go directly toward Children’s, Teen and Adult programming at the library. An even better way to help would be to join our Friends of the Virginia Public Library group! You get early notice on upcoming events, early access to book sales, and insider information about the library from the staff!

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