The winter months are upon us even if winter itself is not.  We’ve not only had less snow than usual, but also had warmer temperatures.  Sure, ice skaters and ice fishermen are happy they don’t have to waddle around dressed like the Michelin man and to shove the snow from the lakes, but snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, and others who enjoy snow sports have to travel far if they want to play outside. 

Laura Erickson with Archimedes

The warm temperatures are about to abandon us, just in time for the first Brown Bag lunch event of 2012.  Join us this Thursday, January 12th, at noon, when Laura Erickson comes to the library auditorium.  Laura, creator and voice of radio’s Speaking for the Birds, will entertain and educate us with a presentation on Minnesota owls, complete with photos.  Archimedes, an Eastern Screech Owl, will even be on hand for you to see one of nature’s finest. 

John Latimer

Phenology, according to Merriam-Webster, is a “branch of science dealing with the relations between climate and periodic biological phenomena.”  Think of migration, and how the long term weather patterns in an area influence just when birds will leave and return.  If that doesn’t quite explain it for you then you need to come to our next Brown Bag event with KAXE’s phenologist, John Latimer.  John will be here at noon on Thursday February 9th to tell us about his observations over the years.  As a rural mail carrier, he has had many opportunities to observe changes in local weather patterns and how they have affected local flora and fauna. 

Other events in January and February are the E-Reader Workshop on Wednesday, January 11th, and the annual Book Lover’s Tea on Thursday, February 16th, both at noon.  Check the Virginia Public Library website for more information on these and other Brown Bag events.

Susan Hoppe — Reference Services Librarian