Browse our collection – through pictures!

Do you like to pick materials by looking or browsing? Since the library is currently closed to the public, we are bringing the library collections to you! We will photograph and collect pictures of library materials here on this page for you to browse at your leisure. We also have some items staff members picked and recommended – can you guess which staff member chose which book?

To make it easier for you to find the books you are looking for we will have links posted below that will bring you to different collections in the library, like Fiction, Media, and Children’s!

To see New Items just arrived at the library, keep scrolling on this page!

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If you have any collections or themes you would like to see us display, please give us a call weekdays from 10 am – 4 pm, at 218-748-7525. We’d love to help you find what you’re looking for!

Library Staff – Guess Who?

All of these items were picked by one of our staff members at the library – can you guess which library worker picked which one? Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the answers!


New DVDs

These new DVDs check out for 2 days and are requestable by giving us a phone call! Older feature films and children’s DVDs have had their checkouts extended for 1 week.

Below: New DVDs from 8/11/20. Picture includes feature films, TV series, and children’s films.

Below: New DVDS from 7/30/20. Pictures include feature films, children’s films, and nonfiction DVDs.

Below: New DVDs from 7/20/20. Includes¬† TV series, feature films, and a children’s movie.

New Audiobooks

New Music CD’s


Adult New Books (Fiction, Mystery, Sci Fi, Western, Nonfiction)

Below: New books from 8/13/20. Two pictures feature new adult books, and the second picture includes new Large Print books in the top row.

Below: New books from 8/11/20. Includes fiction, mystery, sci fi, paperback, and western books.

Below: New Books from 8/4/20 and 8/5/20. A mixture of fiction, mystery, sci fi and nonfiction adult books.

Below: New Books from 7/28/20. First picture Fiction books, second picture Nonfiction books.

Below: New books from 7/24/20.

Below: New books from July (first 3 pictures), and other new books from March – June.


Children’s and Teen New Books

Below: New books from 8/13/20. Picture includes children’s picture books.

Below: New books from 8/11/20. First two pictures are of children’s picture books and nonfiction. The third picture includes middle grade chapter books and nonfiction. The fourth picture includes teen books, graphic novels and manga.

Below: new books from 8/4/20. Top and middle row are middle grade novels. Bottom row is early phonics-like books.

Below: New books from 7/31/20. From top to bottom, one picture book, 4 middle grade books, 3 teen graphic novels/manga, 5 teen books.

Below: New books from 7/29/20. From top to bottom, 7 middle grade books and graphic novels, 1 teen romance, 8 picture books.

Below: New books from 7/28/20. First picture includes picture books and nonfiction for younger children. Second picture includes middle grade and teen books.

Below: New books from 7/24/20. First picture includes teen, middle grade, and nonfiction. Second picture includes picture books and nonfiction.



Library Staff – Answers

Here are the answers to which staff member picked which book! Check this page for more upcoming staff picks this summer!