Summer Reading Program

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Season of Giving

Rohian CoverWe are entering a season of giving, beginning with Thanksgiving, when we give thanks for the bounty provided over the preceding year, and continuing through New Year's Day, when we give up something we think we no longer need or take on something we believe will be good for us. While the library can [...]

Fortune Bay Resort Casino Donation

Have you seen the library news in the Mesabi Daily News?  If not, here is what they printed from Fortune Bay Resort Casino:  The Virginia Public Library recently received a $433.07 donation from Fortune Bay Resort Casino that will be used to enhance the library’s Summer Reading Program. The donation was made possible by customers who [...]

The Popularity Paper

Amongst all the other things I’ve been doing for this summer’s fantastic reading program, I squeezed in a webinar on the impact of libraries on early reading development.  To be fair, I grumbled about the timing of the program.  I mean, what are they doing presenting this program to Children’s Librarians at the busiest time [...]