I. Cards and Registration

A. Application for a card – patrons over 14 years of age must present identification when applying for a card. Identification can include, but is not limited to, driver’s license, social security card, legal documents, check with current address, mail, etc. Patrons below the age of 14 must have their parent or other guardian identify them. A parent or guardian who signs for a child’s card must be in good standing with his/her own library card. Staff should attempt to verify address if not included on identification. Determination and acceptance of any particular form of ID is the prerogative of the library.

B. The person to whom the card is being issued must be present when applying for a card.

C. Patrons should present their library card to check out materials. If the patron does not have their card, they may check out materials provided they furnish proof of identification.

D. Cards are issued for 5 years. When the card expires, the patron’s record must be updated. Any fines or fees must be paid by the patron at this time.

E. The patron is responsible for library materials checked out on his/her card and for charges incurred for lost or damaged materials. If a card is lost or stolen, the patron must notify the Library immediately. The patron will be held responsible for any materials checked out on a lost or stolen card until the library is notified.

F. Part-time residents within the Arrowhead Library System area will be issued a card upon proof of identification. Permanent address must also be furnished. The permanent address will be entered on the patron’s record in the alternate address section.

1. Minnesota residents who live outside of the ALS area and who have a current library card may check out materials under the Minnesota State Borrowers Compact. Proof of identification must be presented at the time of registration.

G. Institutions may apply for a library card that may be used by authorized staff members. The institution must send a letter on letterhead stationery stating that the institution will be responsible for all fines and fees that accumulate on the library card. There must be an individual named that the Library can contact regarding usage of the card. All policies and procedures of the Library apply to institutions the same as they do to individual patrons.

H. The Library may revoke the library card if the patron misuses the card or if the incorrect registration information was supplied by the patron or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

II. Loan Periods

Loan Periods Table


Period Renewals Limit Per Library Card

21 days


20 per department


21 days


20 per department

Audio Book

21 days


5 per department

CD (media)

7 days


5 per department

CD (youth)

21 days


5 per department

DVD (fiction)

3 days/2 nights



DVD (non-fiction)
7 days

Books returned to the outdoor book drop box on or before the due date will not incur a fine. Media items may be returned to the outdoor media drop box on or before the due date. Media items include: audio books, CDs, and DVDs. Patrons are responsible for all items until the items are discharged inside the library.

III. Renewals

A. Items that are on reserve for another person may not be renewed. See Section II — Loan Periods– for information on renewal periods for individual items.

B. Fines will be charged for overdue items that are renewed. The fine may be paid at the time of renewal or charged to the patron’s record.

C. Items for which overdue notices have been sent may not be renewed.

IV. Reserves

A. Reserves may be placed on in-house and on-order items.

B. Patrons may make title requests for items the Library does not own. Staff will evaluate these requests for possible purchase.

1. Title requests shall include the name, phone number and card number of the person requesting the item. If the item is not ordered, the patron will be notified and information about the availability of Inter-Library Loan (ILL) services.

2. Patrons who need an item right away should be offered ILL services rather than made to wait for the item to be ordered. Availability of materials through ILL are subject to ILL policies.

3. Patrons will be called as their requests become available or a postcard will be mailed.

4. Items will be held for 3 days after the patron is notified by phone.

5. Patrons notified by mail will have 7 days to pick up items.

6. Patrons will be called twice regarding reserve books. Reserves not picked up after the second call will be cancelled.

C. There is no limit on the number of reserves a patron may make.

V. Overdue Materials

A. Borrowing privileges are suspended if a patron has $1.00 or more in accumulated fines or fees.

B. Fines are assessed only on days the Library is scheduled to open.

C. Patrons will be verbally reminded about any outstanding fines or fees on their account.

D. Notices for overdue items are mailed to patrons 14 days after the items become overdue. When the patron’s record is blocked, he/she will not be able to check out any more items until the overdue items are either returned or payment for them has been made.

E. A patron who does not return overdue materials or pay fines with a dollar amount of $25.00 or more will have a bill from the Library submitted to the Minnesota Revenue Recapture Program (MRRP). A notification letter will be sent to the patron stipulating the Library’s intent. The patron will then have 30 days to make arrangements for either payment or return of the items and payment of fines to the library. If no arrangements are made, the MRRP will deduct the cost of the materials from the patron’s tax returns, or other sources of income, as stipulated in the Minnesota Statutes.

F. There will be a $15.00 submission fee from the MRRP added to the patron’s bill.

G. If a patron returns items or pays fines that have been submitted to MRRP, the database will be corrected to reflect the changes. However, no refunds will be given for items returned of fines paid after the library receives payment from MRRP. Upon payment from MRRP, the patron’s record will be cleared for normal use.

H. At the time a patron is reported to the MRRP, his/her library account becomes public data and will no longer be considered confidential.

I. There are no time limits for collection through the MRRP, the account will remain active with the State of Minnesota until payment in full is made to the Library. Minor children who have items or fines submitted under a parent’s name will not become responsible for these charges when they reach the age of 18. The guardian parent will be responsible for payment of these items or fines in perpetuity.

J. Fine Schedule

Fine Schedule


Daily Fine

Maximum Fine







Audio Books









K. Items returned through the mail will be considered received as of the date the Library receives them, not the date of the postmark.

VI. Equipment Rental

A. The patron must present his/her valid library card when checking out equipment. The Media Equipment Rental Agreement will be filled-out by staff and signed by the patron each time equipment is rented. The patron must not have any outstanding fines or fees.

1. Staff will verify the patron’s address and phone number each time equipment is rented.

2. The patron must have a local telephone number where he/she may be reached.

3. If the patron does not have a phone, a business number, relative’s or neighbor’s number may be used.

B. The non refundable rental fee will be paid when the equipment is returned.

C. Patrons may reserve dates for equipment rentals.

D. Rental Schedule

Rental Schedule


Fee Overdue Charges Load Period
Overhead Projector



1 day

DLP Projector



1 day




1 day

* There is no maximum fine for overdue equipment.

E. The following equipment may be used in-house only. There is no charge for use, but the patron may have to sign-up at the Media Desk to reserve a time slot for using the equipment.

1. Computer
2. Television

F. Effective May 12, 2003, Internet use requires all fines be paid, and a printing charge of $0.15 per page will be levied for each printed page of material. Patrons using all other equipment will be expected to provide their own paper and other supplies (e.g. scissors, whiteout, tape, computer discs, etc.)

VII. Lost and Damaged Materials

A. Patrons are held responsible for all items checked out on their library cards. Patrons will be required to pay for lost items and for items that are damaged beyond further use and must be withdrawn from the collection.

1. The patron will be charged the bibliographic record price of the item.

2. In the case of sets with multiple parts where the set must be replaced, the patron will be charged for the price of the set.

3. Damaged items become property of the patron who paid for them.

4. A patron may replace an item by purchasing it from a bookstore or elsewhere. The replacement material must be an exact duplicate of the item–i.e. if the book is a library bound edition, the replacement must library bound also; the replacement cannot be a trade edition or a paperback. The processing fee will still be charged to the patron.

5. A processing fee of $5.00 for all items except magazines will be charged for lost or damaged materials. The fee for lost or damaged magazines is $2.00.

6. No refunds will be given for items returned after payments are received.

VIII. Confidentiality of Patron Records

A. Patron records are considered private data as stated in Minnesota Statutes 13.40, Subd, 2. Information on patron records, other than the patron’s name, will not be divulged without a court order. Requests for access to patron records will be referred to the Library Director. According to Minnesota Statutes 13.02, Subd. 8, a parent or guardian of a minor or a person adjudged mentally incompetent might be granted access to the library record of that person.

1. Upon request of the minor, access may be denied to the parent or guardian as per the Statute.

2. The request by the minor to deny access will be referred to the Library Director for resolution.

B. Information about the library record of institutional cardholders will be released only to authorized employees of the institution. The institution will deem who is an authorized employee.

C. When contacting patrons by phone or mail a message will be given without divulging to anyone other than the patron data which is considered to be private.

D. Any questions or problems regarding confidentiality of patron records will be referred to the Library Director for resolution.

E. To see the data practices procedures for the City of Virginia, visit the Data Practices Procedures page on their website.


IX. Public Use of Meeting Rooms

A. A room is available to outside groups and individuals under these guidelines only if there is no conflict with a Library or City activity or meeting. The meeting room may be booked no more than one month in advance. There is a $50.00 activity fee for social, fundraising, or commercial activities, and for activities where a fee is charged for admission. Fees must be paid in advance of room use. Checks are payable to the Virginia Public Library. There is no fee for not-for-profit activities.

B. The meeting room will be available for use during the hours the Library is open. Meetings must be over fifteen minutes before the Library’s scheduled closing time. The room is not available on the days the library is closed. The Library reserves the right to book the room for no more than one day at a time.

C. Refreshments may be served provided the room is left in the condition in which it was found and users bring their own supplies. Smoking, alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are not allowed on the premises. Groups will be charged for any damages, and such damages will be considered in granting future room bookings.

D. When booking the Auditorium, groups must state the nature of their group and provide a contact person and phone number where they may be reached.

E. Tables and chairs are in the room, but the group is responsible for set up and leaving the room in good order.

F. The City of Virginia is not responsible for accidents, injury, loss of property while using the meeting room. The City reserves the right to change the regulations for use of the room without prior notice to any group or meeting.

X. Modifications

A. The Library Director is authorized to revise any purely procedural sections of this policy, as well as to act as the responsible authority in determining the applicability of any provisions of this document.

B. Changes in the fines and fees, as well as policy-level issues addressed herein are subject to the approval of the City Council.

XI. ADDENDA: Schedule of Fines and Fees

A. Materials returned in the newspaper box are fined $1.00 per item.

B. Lost or damaged items:

1. Bibliographic record price will be charged.

2. Items without a bibliographic record price will be charged a comparable cost to similar items in the collection or a default price.

3. Default prices are:

Adult Hardcover Book–$25.00
Adult Paperback Book–$8.00
Children’s Hardcover Book–$18.00
Children’s Paperback Book–$6.00
Audio Books–Replacement Cost

4. Processing fee for each item:

Other Materials–$5.00

C. Photocopy fee is $0.15 per black and white exposure, and $1.00 per color exposure.

D. Auditorium

* $50.00 charge to for-profit groups.

* No charge to not-for-profit groups.


Meeting Room Provisions
Recommended by Commission 04/21/1994
Approved by Council 05/10/1994

Recommended by Library Commission 12/21/1993
Approved by City Council 12/28/1993
Amended 04/21/1994-05/10/1994
Amended 10/2002
Amended 04/2003