Guidelines for Donating Items to Virginia Public Library

Virginia Public Library accepts limited donations of items throughout the year.  We accept paperback fiction with copyright dates up to one year old, nonfiction and hardcover fiction with copyright dates less than 2 years old.  The books must be in very good condition.  We do not accept encyclopedia sets, condensed books, magazines, or textbooks.  AV items should be current and in very good condition.  The Library does not have the physical space to store large amounts of items during the year so please limit the amount of items you donate during the year.

The Friends of the Virginia Public Library hold Spring and Fall used book sales each year.  If you wish to donate items, please call the Library for information on when you may bring items for the book sales.  Again, items should be in very good condition and should not include condensed books, magazines, or textbooks. The above guidelines on copyright dates do not apply to the book sale.

If you have any questions about donating items that have not been addressed above, please speak to a staff member at one of our service desks.  We will try to answer any questions you may have.  Thank you for considering donating items to the Virginia Public Library.