November 6 is almost here and the library has resources to help you with your decision making.

For those who want to know how elections work, the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office has a page devoted to clarifying the issue.  (  The same page also has useful links to help with voter registration, to identify which candidates will be on your ballot, to find polling stations, and more.

Importantly, the Secretary of State’s office also has  links to candidates’ web pages.  Voters can gain a lot of insight on candidates’ positions on the issues by reading the information on their web pages.  The Minnesota Legislative Reference Library has compiled a guide to votes on some topics of interest to Minnesota’s legislators which may be of interest to voters.  (

If you are interested in news articles about the various candidates, you can find many on Newsbank, one of the many electronic resources provided to you by the library.  Newsbank provides access to more than one hundred Minnesota news resources, including the Mesabi Daily News, the Duluth News Tribune, and the Star Tribune.

Contact the library to learn more about these and other resources to improve your voting experience!