© by Frederick Blanch
© by Frederick Blanch
Frederick Blanch will take you through his exotic photographs from Ecuadorian sword-billed Hummingbirds to colorful Puerto Rican Palms, to the tranquil setting of a Japanese reflecting garden. His collection represents many years of travel, through gardens, prairies, jungles, cloud forests and mountain regions throughout the world.

Join us as Frederick explains how his photographs are refined by incorporating the distinctive Jungle Portrait texture and, in some, inherent, but obscure colors are enhanced. The final picture is imprinted on high quality, white artist’s canvas by the giclée method and “gallery-wrapped” or traditionally framed beneath glass. 
Frederick Blanch
Frederick will present his Jungle Portrait Photography at the library on Thursday, May 15, at noon.
Call 748-7525 for more information.  
–Susan Hoppe, Adult Services Librarian