You already know you can find great children’s books and entertaining DVDs at your library.  Did you know that you can also find quick answers to many of life’s questions in the reference area?

The Virginia Public Library’s reference materials are divided into two parts, general and Northeastern Minnesota.  Are you looking for Minnesota laws?  Take a look at the Minnesota Statutes.  Are you wondering what on earth that furry thing on a leash is?  Try one of our dog breed books.  Have you taken an interest in a different religion?  We have several works, including encyclopedia sets, on different religions.  Would you like to know more about a different culture?  We have several books on that, as well.  Come on in and learn about it in our general reference collection.
The Minnesota collection has items specific to Northeastern Minnesota.  From logging to mining and from old telephone directories to local biographies and beyond, anyone interested in the area is sure to find something of interest.  You can learn where your great-uncle Ed lived and worked just by exploring the Minnesota collection. 
Do you ever get lost in the woods or on the highway?  In addition to general and Minnesota reference, we have an atlas stand.  There are world atlases for those who want to know where Mozambique is; North American atlases for those who want to know which highway will take them to Victoria, BC; and Minnesota atlases for those who forgot how to get from here to the Cities.  There are also many USGS quad maps for those looking for an out-of-the way fishing spot.
Come on in and we’ll show you where the reference area is and help you find the information you need.