November Book Displays

Looking for a book to read but not sure what topic you want to read about? Try our seasonal reads, located by the Adult New Books and Teen Section! Here are our topics for November and some titles you might be interested in:

These are the books you can spot next to the Adult New Books section. This collection includes hunting guides for whitetail deer, tracking tips, and deer information. It also includes camping cookbooks, game meat cookbooks, and some humorous hunting stories! Here are a couple of the titles on our display shelf:



These books are found behind the front desk and under the balcony, where the teen, or YA, books are! The books here are all about adventure in a variety of ways. There are adventures with camping, hunting, climbing, rafting, and all sorts of outdoor skills. There are also survival books; set in the real world and dystopian futures. Here are a few of our titles: