Award winning Minnesota author Brian Freeman kicks off Virginia Public Library’s inaugural Queen City Reads program! 


The Virginia Public Library and the City of Virginia, with the support of the Friends of the Virginia Public Library, are pleased to announce the Queen City Reads program, a community-wide reading program for the residents of Virginia. 
Queen City Reads is a community reading program during which all members of the community are invited to read and discuss the same book.  Our Queen City Reads program is designed to encourage citizens of Virginia to engage in conversation.  Possible side effects include the discovery of new authors and the addition of new friends to readers’ lives. 
The inaugural Queen City Reads choice is Brian Freeman’s Goodbye to the Dead, which has been called “a superior psychological thriller that adroitly weaves obsession, sex and revenge into a page-turning mystery.” (Open Letters Monthly)  Copies of the book are available to borrow through the Virginia Public Library and the Arrowhead Library System. 
There will be two events in the library auditorium.  The first will be a book discussion at noon on Thursday, February 23.  Bring your interest and questions and be prepared for lively discussion.  A brochure with discussion questions will be available the first week of January. 
The second Queen City Reads event is the big one:  Brian Freeman, author of the popular Duluth-based Jonathan Stride series and recipient of multiple awards, will be at the library on Thursday, March 2, 2017, also at noon.  Brian will talk about his work in the publishing industry, discuss Goodbye to the Dead with us, and remain for further talk and to sign copies of the book. 
This program, brought to you by the Virginia Public Library and the City of Virginia, is funded by the Friends of the Virginia Public Library.  Call the library at (218)748-7525 for more information.