Reading Ready with Virginia Public Library

The Virginia Public Library and the Arrowhead Library System have teamed up to create a program for young children to help them become reading ready for Kindergarten! Children from infants up to Kindergarten can join this program to keep track of their reading and earn awesome prizes, all while becoming reading ready for the future.

Children, their families, and caregivers can choose to keep track of their reading with coloring and activity packets, or online. Keep track of every day you read to your child 15 minutes or more by coloring in the books in the take-home packet, or by logging the minutes read online. Every time you record 100 days read, visit the Virginia Public Library for a sticker and a free book!

This program has no end date, so children can join in at any time. If you want to join and keep track online, please click the image of a tree below! For more details about this program, or any questions about Reading Ready, please talk to the Children’s Librarian at your library!


Click here to join Reading Ready online