Rohian Cover

We are entering a season of giving, beginning with Thanksgiving, when we give thanks for the bounty provided over the preceding year, and continuing through New Year’s Day, when we give up something we think we no longer need or take on something we believe will be good for us. While the library can “give” to you in the form of self-improvement, recreational reading, music CDs and movies, have you thought of giving something back to the library? 

For example, do you have an old copy of the Rohian gathering dust at your house?  The library collects the Virginia high school annual for patrons to use within the library.  We have most years, but there are several years missing from our collection.  Check our list of missing years to see if your copy of the Rohian is one of those we could use. 

Funding Factory Logo

Another way the library can be helped is with items that are discarded regularly–used inkjet and toner cartridges, old cell phones, and even out of date laptops can be donated to the library, which in turn sends them to Funding Factory.  Funding Factory “pays” the library for the donated items by adding funds to an ongoing account.  From that account, we buy items such as printers and other equipment that the library needs to run smoothly.

Giving Tree

The Friends of the Virginia Public Library can also use support.  The Friends are very instrumental in raising funds for programming, among other things.  Without their support, we would not have many of the monthly programs we provide, nor would the annual Summer Reading Program be nearly as successful as it is.

However, this can not be sustained without donations from the public as well as without new members.  Donations can be made to the Friends at any time, but this year they are going to have a tree with donation envelopes at the library.  People can specify what they are donating money for, from the Summer Reading Program and other programs to book and media item purchases. 

If you have any items that the library can use, or if you would like to more actively support programming at your library, take the time to do so @ your library!

–Susan Hoppe, Adult Services Librarian