Summer Reading 2020

June 1 – August 28, 2020

The library is closed to the public, but you can still participate in our annual Summer Reading Program from your home, and through our Curbside Pickup service! Summer Reading is open to readers of all ages, from infants to adults!

Update 8/3/20 on prizes:

Summer Reading Prize – Cloth Masks for Kids and Adults

Starting August 3rd, the library will be giving out cloth masks to participants in the summer reading program. Any child or adult who signs up for summer reading in the month of August will also receive a mask as a sign up prize! These masks are reusable and come with cleaning instructions and other handy mask tips to keep yourself and others safe. Masks are available in a child size (ages 4-8) and an adult size (age 9 and up).

To claim your reusable mask please call the Virginia Public Library. You can also use your phone call to request library materials to enhance your reading while at home this summer by using our curbside pickup service. If you do not need or want your mask, call the library to let us know. We will donate any unclaimed prize masks to people in our community who need them.

Masks can be picked up between August 3rd and August 28th, or until all available masks have been claimed.

Summer readers can look forward to a second prize package which will be available for pick up starting September 1st. Please call the library with any questions. Staff are available to help on weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm. The library’s phone number is 218-748-7525.

Important Dates:

Jun 1 – Aug 7 – Keep track of every day you read, listen, or are read to.

Aug 10 – Aug 28 – Log your reading days online, or call the library to log days.

Sept 1 – Sept 25 – Pick up your prize by calling the library and signing up for a pickup time.

Why read this summer?

Reading this summer is more important than it has ever been! Reading during breaks from schooling is proven to help children of all ages. This reading helps prepare them for a return to school and gives them a boost in future learning. Summer is a great time to let children pick what they would like to read – no leveled reading necessary! To learn more about the benefits of summer reading, click the link below:

A tip for adult readers: many children learn by example! If you haven’t participated in summer reading with your children or grandchildren, consider this the year to start!

How can I participate in Summer Reading this year?

There are a number of ways you can participate in summer reading! You can participate online or on our app, you can participate using our summer reading tracker page (found at the bottom of this page), or you can keep track of your reading on paper you already have at home.

This summer we are keeping track of every day you read a book, listen to a book, or are read to. Reading includes other types of materials like e-books, magazines, newspapers, and any other print you might read. You can mark a day every time you remember to take some time to read!

Library staff are available to help you on the phone! Please give us a call at 218-748-7525 to ask questions about summer reading and to sign up for our curbside pickup service to get library materials and summer reading materials too! All participants who log their reading between June 1 – August 28 (online or by calling the library) will earn a prize from the library in September 2020.

How do I participate in Summer Reading online?

If you feel comfortable tracking your reading online, click the image below to visit our online summer reading website. You will need to create an account with a username and password. Once registered you will use the log reading button to add the days you have read. You can also download the Beanstack Tracker app and log the days you read there. If you run into trouble with these digital options, we encourage you to try paper tracking instead (see “How do I participate in Summer Reading on paper”).

How do I participate in Summer Reading on paper?

To participate in Summer Reading on paper you will mark every day you read, listen to a book, or are read to (for those children too young to read on their own). The goal is to make reading a daily habit, even if it is as short as 10 minutes a day. We hope you will make a daily habit of reading this summer!

If you would like a tracking page to help you count the days you read we recommend you call the library (218-748-7525) to sign up for curbside pickup! We can pick books and other materials for you, and also provide you with a tracking page like the one at the end of this post. You can also copy the image below and print it, or you can use it as a guide and create your own! You can also keep track of your reading on scrap paper or a calendar – just remember to call the library BEFORE August 28th to qualify for a prize!

Can I get reading materials when the library is closed?

The library building is currently closed to the public, but you can still request materials and pick them up with our new curbside pickup service! To learn more about how you can sign up, give us a call (weekdays, 10am – 4pm) at the number below, or click the image to read our blog post about curbside pickup!

The library also has a variety of different digital collections with e-books, e-audio books, and e-magazines that you can borrow on your computer or device. Click the image below to learn more about all the digital collections you can use from home:

Are there prizes for participating in Summer Reading?

Yes! In September 2020 we encourage you to contact the library by phone (218-748-7525).  As long as you have logged your reading online, or have called the library BEFORE August 28th to add in your reading, you will earn a prize! Once library staff have confirmed your participation you can sign up for a day and time to pick up your prize, similar to pick up for our curbside service.

Summer Reading Tracker Page:

Please feel free to copy the image below, or print it to use for tracking your reading this summer!