Hello and Welcome to our FAQ page for Summer Reading!

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Summer Reading at Virginia Public Library, along with some answers! We hope you find this page helpful and easy to follow, but if you still have questions after reading it, give us a call at 218-748-7525 and talk to our Youth Services Librarian.

At the bottom of this page we have some more information about our new Summer Reading logging website, called Beanstack. It has some new features you might like! Scroll until you see the green dog button to learn more!

Where do I sign up for Summer Reading?

 You can sign up here on this page by clicking the red button above! You can also find the red button on our homepage throughout the Summer Reading Program. If you prefer, you can also sign up in the library at the front desk, or Children’s desk. Everyone who signs up for summer reading gets a registration prize – so don’t forget to visit the library to pick yours up!

When does the Summer Reading Program start?

 Our Summer Reading Program at Virginia Public Library starts on May 29th and runs until August 3rd. You can keep track of the books or pages that you read between these dates, and you will win prizes based on your reading!

When can I start logging books for Summer Reading?

 While you can sign up for the Summer Reading Program starting May 14th, you should not log your books until May 29th – which is the official start of the reading program. If you log your books before May 29th they will not count toward earning prizes – so save your book logging until May 29th!

Can I log books for Summer Reading without a computer?

 Although not recommended, you can keep track of your books by writing them down on our paper logs. You must remember to bring in your list to the library so we can add your reading to your online account. We keep track of prizes solely through our online system – so to make sure you win prizes, make sure to log your books with a librarian, or in your online account!

How do I win prizes from my school?

 If you attend Parkview Learning Center (K-2nd grade), Roosevelt Elementary, or Marquette Catholic School, your teachers and principals have partnered with Virginia Public Library so you can earn prizes when you return to school in September!

There are two important things you need to do to make sure you earn these prizes:

1. Sign up using the grade you will be in for September 2018

When you are signing up for Summer Reading, make sure you pick the grade you are going into in September 2018. Your grade in September is important because your school will get your name for prizes, but if you pick last year’s grade your name might get lost. Feel free to confirm your grade (in September) with the library at any time during Summer Reading.

2. Log your books or pages online

It’s also important to log your books or pages online because we use our online system to track what prizes you earn. Depending on your grade, you will have to read different amounts to reach the school prize award – but when you do a badge will appear letting you know you have won the school prizes! We have handouts available at the library to show you how much you have to read to earn certain prizes (based on grade level and school recommendations). Please visit the library to find out more.

Make sure you log all your reading between the dates of May 29th and August 3rd. If you are unsure whether you have reached this goal visit the library or give us a call – we can check this for you at any time.

How do I win prizes from the St. Louis County Fair?

 When you sign up for Summer Reading you also qualify for prizes from the St. Louis County Fair! The fair sets book or page reading goals, and if you meet them you can win a variety of tickets. To earn the prizes, keep track of your reading online, and the badges you earn will notify you if you have won a fair prize.

Here is a handy chart showing when you qualify for fair prizes:

Read 10 books or 250 pages = free soda at the fair

Read 20 books or 500 pages = free hot dog at the fair

Read 30 books or 750 pages = free pass to enter the fair

Read 40 books or 1000 pages = free amusement ride at the fair

While everyone who signs up qualifies for these prizes, you do not have to take the tickets if you are not attending the fair. We do not receive the fair tickets until the first week of July – so if you earn tickets before then you can keep reading and pick up all the tickets you’ve earned starting in July!

The St. Louis County Fair dates for this year are August 8 – 12th. If you have more questions about the fair, please visit their website.

When can I pick up my prizes?

 Our new summer reading online software (called Beanstack) makes it very easy to know when you earn prizes! Any time a badge appears it will tell you what prizes you earned, based on how many books or pages you’ve logged. You may pick up prizes at any time during summer reading – so if you are a very fast reader you could pick up all your prizes before July! There is one exception to this – if you want to pick up any St. Louis County Fair prizes you must wait until the first week of July to pick them up. Please see the question about the St. Louis County Fair for more details.

How do I find out about summer events at the library?

 There are a number of ways to see what’s happening next at the Virginia Public Library. You can follow the Virginia Public Library on Facebook where we post about events coming up (and you can share with interested people). You can also pick up a Summer Reading Brochure at the library which lists all of our Summer Reading events, challenges, and other helpful information. Lastly, you can visit our webpage and click on the “Library Events” tab to see our calendar of events – including Summer Reading events!

Is there Storytime in Summer?

Storytime on Fridays will not resume until September, but if you are interested in summer storytime you can visit the library on Wednesdays at 10:00am in the Children’s Room for storytime. Because these Wednesday storytimes are created for a visiting daycare group they may be cancelled due to bad weather – but if enough children are present Stephanie will still perform. If it’s a sunny Wednesday, odds are we will have stories and songs in the Children’s Room that morning!

How do I know when I am done with Summer Reading?

Our new Summer Reading platform does not have a definite end or goal to reach. Instead, you can choose how much you want to read, or how many prizes you want to win! Many people try to read enough to earn school prizes, or fair prizes (see the Fair and School prize questions for details). If you are a super achiever you could even try to read for the “super reader” bonus prize. You can choose how much you want to read, and what prizes you want to earn.

Can I participate in Summer Reading if I have fines?

 Yes, you can! If you are a child or teen who has fines on your card but wants to read books for the Summer Reading Program you can still check out books to read. For more details about how this works, please talk to Stephanie in the Children’s Room or give her a call at 218-748-7525.

When is the last day to log books for Summer Reading?

The last day of the Summer Reading Program, and the last day to log books, is August 3rd. If you want to claim any prizes based on reading, you MUST log the books you have read by this date.


More About Beanstack:

We are using a new service to track summer reading this year through a company called Beanstack. We hope you enjoy a more streamlined and user friendly way to track reading through this site! To find Beanstack, click on any of our red “Reading Takes You Everywhere” buttons on our website. Here are some features you might want to know about:

1. One Account – One Sign-Up

That’s right – once you sign up with Beanstack you will never have to register for a reading program from scratch again! Beanstack saves what you have read, so you can look back next summer and see what books you read last year. You also don’t need to create new log-ins and passwords – your account stays with Beanstack until you decide to stop.

2. Family Accounts

Are you an adult keeping track of multiple children’s books? Consider using a family account to keep track! You only need one log-in to access all your children’s book records, and you can add books to multiple children’s logs at once. Questions? See a librarian to talk about other helpful features to make summer reading easier for you!

3. Badges and Prizes

Want to know what prizes you could win? The Badges tab will allow you to see what badges (and prizes attached) you have earned, and what badges you can still win! You get to decide how many prizes and badges you want to win – there is no required number of badges you must earn. If you go to the Rewards tab you can see all the potential prizes you can win – remember that you do not have to earn them all to “finish” the program.

4. Reviews

If you want to share your thoughts about any books you’ve read during summer reading, click on the reviews tab and write away! You could even upload a picture review if you prefer drawing or photography. Your reviews could be featured on the front page of the Summer Reading Program! Complete 5 reviews and you will earn a bonus prize from the library.

5. Book Lists

Not sure what to read next? You can check out the Book Lists tab to see grade-based reading lists of recommended books! You can find this content by clicking the arrow next to your name (top right corner) and clicking on “Book Lists” in the drop down menu. All the books in these lists are owned by Virginia Public Library and available for check out. You can also add your email to your account and get tailored recommended books sent automatically to your email.

6. Themed Guides and Apps

Looking for more? Beanstack also offers tried and tested app recommendations for your age range, along with “Themed Guides” of content and apps about specific topics like Weather, Fairy Tales, and different Countries and Animals. You can find this content by clicking the arrow next to your name (top right corner) and clicking on the title in the drop down menu.