Helping a Patron

Whether we pay them or get refunds, we all have to deal with them.  Some people call the library as early as late December, some wait until April, all asking where to find tax forms.  There have been more calls than usual this year since the state and federal governments aren’t mailing them any more.  The good news is that they have arrived at your library!
We have physical copies of the common forms downstairs in the library’s media department.  If you don’t see what you need on one of the tables there, you can come up to the reference desk where someone will be glad to find the forms you ask for.  We can’t print instruction booklets, but we can provide you with the forms for the cost of printing.

For those of you who prefer to do it yourself, you can always visit the Internal Revenue Service or Minnesota Department of Revenue websites yourself.  ALL of the tax forms you could ever want are available online, including those from previous years. Both websites are also loaded with helpful information, including free tax preparation sites and mailing addresses and much more. 

If you need further assistance finding forms, let us know and someone at the library will help you.