Garden time has come and summer will be here in a couple of weeks. To help you along the garden path, some of the resources available in our library are listed below. There are many  more books, magazines, and databases available in our library, through our website, from other libraries within the Arrowhead Library System, and beyond.

Damrosch, Barbara. The Garden Primer. Workman Pub: New York, NY. 2008. (635 DAM)

Dunn Chace, Teri. The Anxious Gardener’s Book of Answers. Timber Press: Portland, OR. 2012. (635 DUN)

Ruppenthal, R.J. Fresh Food From Small Spaces: The Square Inch Gardener’s Guide to Year-Round Growing, Fermenting, and Sprouting. Chelsea Green: White River Junction, VT. 2008. (635 RUP)

These and other books related to gardening can be found in the 630 to 635 range on the Library’s shelves. You can also search for gardening books through the library’s online catalog.


Better Homes and Gardens

Organic Gardening

Northern Gardener, published by the Minesota State Historical Society

More magazines related to gardening can be found in the databases provided by the Arrowhead Library System and Virginia Public Library.

Internet Links

University of Minnesota Extension–Gardening and Horticulture. The University of Minnesota Extension office has much information available for Minnesotans and others in our gardening zone.

Though they may not be specific to our region, links to many gardening-related websites can be found through the Internet Public Library.

 Happy Gardening! 


Susan Hoppe — Adult Services Librarian