Looking and applying for a job can be very stressful.  There may be pressure to have a job immediately.  You may be looking for your very first job or looking for your first job in many years.  Either way, there is assistance available for both finding jobs and increasing your chances of getting just the one that you want. Database logo

One place to look for jobs is in local newspapers.  The Mesabi Daily News, the Hometown Focus, and even the Manney’s Shopper have job listings to explore.  Another local resource is the CareerForce Center, which has offices in Virginia and other area cities.  For those of you who need to search further afield for a job, the Virginia Public Library has several newspapers from other cities within the state.  The library also has an online resource which can assist you in finding a job.  ReferenceUSA is a database of U.S. telephone directories.  You can use the job search function to look for available jobs in different regions of the state or country.  If your plans include a move to a new city, the business search is a great way to see what companies are in that area. CareerForce Center logo

You may need to refresh your resume and cover letter writing, as well as interview, skills.  The CareerForce Center has resources and expertise to help with that.  If you prefer to work on your own, both the Testing & Education Reference Center and JobNow, two more online resources provide by VPL and the Arrowhead Library System, are available for your use.  JobNow and TERC have practice interview questions, tips on writing cover letters, and resume assistance.  Though JobNow provides resume templates, TERC and CypressResume (another online resource) enable you to answer online questions which result in a complete and ready to print resume.  Some of you may not want to use online resources.  That’s alright!  The library still has plenty of printed books on job searching, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing for you to borrow.

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Contact the CareerForce Center for more information on their services.  If you have any questions about the resources available through the library, feel free to either call us at 748-7525 or come in for answers.

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